Luxury Provisions

Welcome to our newest service, Luxury Provisions!

For years we have been renovating beautiful kitchens and homes, only for the clients to move their old sometimes mismatched items back in. We had a thought one day, what if we took the same design process to the inside of your cabinets?

  • Imagine a cross between an organizer and a luxury stylist that knows all the best products for your home from your mix master to your olive oil.
  • Fully stocked gourmet pantry
  • Curated kitchen appliances, dinnerware, baking essentials etc…
  • The best of home cleaning products
  • Anything else you can think of, we’ve got you!

About This Project

Embarking on a design and installation endeavor, we tackled the challenge of bringing the project to life within a tight 5-week timeframe. From the initial concept to the final touches, it was a journey that ignited our excitement and determination!

Inspiration:  This client had recently moved to the city and had nothing but a suitcase and a knife. We were able to not only furnish and style his home but also provide all of the provisions for his kitchen, and living essentials right down to a new Miele vacuum and the paper towels in the kitchen.